Car delivery

International transportation of goods by roadat the moment remains the most universal method of international delivery of goods, including from Turkey.I&P Trans Logistic has 14 years of experience in this field.Our managers believe that auto delivery from Turkey has both strengths and weaknesses.


As a rule, all the difficulties that may arise during the road delivery of goods from Turkey are seasonal in nature:

In summer, these are restrictions that are imposed on the movement of trucks on roads during the day.They are introduced due to high temperatures in order to prevent the destruction of the road surface.

In the winter season, the main problem remains possible road drifts, which is not uncommon in Russia itself and when vehicles move along the steppe roads of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, the Baltic States, and Belarus.


Nevertheless, the delivery of goods by road from Turkey has a number of undoubted advantages.

● Themanagers ofI&P Trans Logistic have developed a unique logistics scheme for the delivery of goods by trucks from Turkey.It can significantly reduce travel time and, accordingly, reduce transport costs.

Auto delivery fromI&P Trans Logisticto Moscow is possible both through customs points on the territory of Kazakhstan and on the territories of countries that are members of the Customs Union, for example, Belarus.At the same time, the cost of customs clearance of goods in neighboring countries may differ significantly from the Uzbek and Kazakh ones, which also reduces the total cost of trucking goods from Turkey.

Trucking from customs unions is possible with the arrival of cargo directly to the regions, under the means of domestic Transport Companies such as PEK, Delovye Lines, Zhil Dor Mega trance, etc.

Automobile cargo transportation from Turkey is successfully used both for the delivery of large consignments of goods and forgroupage cargo, as well as for the delivery of parcels andcargo weighing from 10 kg.At the same time, the client atI&P Trans Logisticpays only for the volume that his cargo occupies.


Turkey has several major transport hubs located in the main industrial and commercial centers of the country.Istanbul, Bursa,Denizli, Gaziantep, etc.Air delivery also has its own limitations, primarily related to the volume and weight of the cargo.Mostly, Turkey-Belarus-Moscow by road looks like a universal option, ideal for delivering goods to Russia.


On average, the time of arrival of cargo from Turkey to Russia, namely, first everything comes to the consolidation warehouse in Moscow, from where the cargo is distributed by regions.Delivery by road is approximately 10 to 14 days.But it must be borne in mind that they depend not only on the movement of the truck itself, but also on the throughput of customs points.Managers of I&P Trans Logistic online track the journey of your cargo, directing transport to points with the least load as necessary.It is also worth paying attention to the seasonal high load of the highways and customs on the eve of the New Year holidays.Our clients will always be warned about this by managers who have all the information about the specifics of international road transport.


Clients of I &P Trans Logistic have the opportunity to constantly receive information about the movement of their cargo from Turkey to Russia, including during road delivery.Our managers guarantee the inviolability of your cargo, both in Turkey and throughout the entire route.Please note: when forming groupage cargo, your goods can be stored in our warehouses in Turkey for up to 5 days absolutely free of charge.